Preserving the Histories of

La Loma Adobe
San Luis Obispo, CA 

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Our Mission Statement

Friends of La Loma Adobe is dedicated to restoring and preserving a rare California adobe, safeguarding over 240 years of rich history before it melts away.

Our mission is to honor the legacy of this cultural landmark by fostering community engagement, historical education, and sustainable conservation efforts. Together, we strive to ensure that future generations can experience and appreciate the unique heritage embodied by La Loma Adobe."
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Welcome to
Friends of La Loma Adobe

Our part of mission lands, a neighborhood store, a California family's home,
a welcome resting spot for Col. John C. Fremont, and soon to be
a placewhere these histories can come to life again.

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Welcome to Friends of La Loma Adobe

At Friends of La Loma Adobe, we are passionate about safeguarding the legacy of this iconic landmark and fostering a community dedicated to its preservation. Our mission is to unite individuals who share a deep appreciation for local history and culture and to ensure that future generations can continue to experience the beauty and significance of La Loma Adobe.

Through educational programs, events, and advocacy efforts, we strive to promote awareness of the adobe's historical importance and to engage our community in its ongoing conservation.

Welcome to Friends of La Loma Adobe – where the spirit of San Luis Obispo's heritage comes alive.
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